Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Babe!!

 Happy Father's Day!!

It was a fun day celebrating dad's. We kept things low-key...Chris got in a little nap...we had one of his favorite meals: beef stroganoff.  Then we ate some of this yummyness!
 The first picture at the top is of the cute ties the girls made for him. They are Mr. Potato head ties that have exchangeable accessories, including shoes...about as many pairs as he actually has in his closet!  Haha!  I loved that he wore one to church today & plans on wearing the other one next week.  (Hopefully I can get a picture of it before he changes out of it then.)

I was so excited to give this gift because I just knew he would love it!

And he did. 

TastyKakes, I love you
Tasykakes, I do
I want to spend some serious time ea-ting you!

Do you think he is trying to be in a commercial for these?
Fake smile ALERT!!

We love you!  You are a terrifical Dad and we are very blessed to have you! XOXOXO

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chalk Art Festival

The chalk art festival was great this year, as usual.  We spent a good couple hours there being amazed by the various artists as well as enjoying a little bargain shopping (big sale at Bath & body Works) and delish twist ice cream cones.  I am including pics of the ones we really liked!

 Totally awesome!  We saw HAgrid & I made all the girls take a picture with him.  We had a friend of Victoria's, Kara, join us for the afternoon.  Geez, they all look like a bunch of hobbits next to him!

I really wish this was entirely in the shade-the colors were so much more vivid there.

This was one of my favorites!  There were even little pictures within the larger bubbles.

 Simply gorgeous!  The time & talents this took!!
 There was a band playing and Chris took Grant over to rest a little.  The girls went & played in the fountain area.  He is just so stinkin' adorable!!

 There was a HArry Potter theme throughout the entire festival...which I thought was great!  Beings that it was a festival to celebrate Foster Families - I thought it was quite fitting.
 This one tied with the bubble picture - it was simply amazing how detailed that painting of Washington was!  I wish we could have seen it finished...we had a ward BBQ we had to be back for. (I can't pass up a dinner I do not have to make.)

We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to attending next year.   I always want to come home, break out the chalks and get to work creating a masterpiece on our driveway...haven't done it yet...but I sure want to try it!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


So after an insanely amount of time away from my blog...and everyone elses for that matter...I have decided to get back into the swing of things and...UPDATE MY BLOG!

Hopefully my followers are still around so someone will be excited about this breaking news story.

I have been putting it off because there was just too much & I have issues skipping and having to backtrack. But I just have to work through them as I update from current and work my way backwards.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Victoria!!

 Victoria is 11 - can you believe that???

Victoria, you are the sweetest girls and we are so blessed to have you in our family.  It is so very hard to believe that you are growing up so fast and becoming a beautiful young lady.  One more year until you are in Young Women's!

Since you are very much into peace signs, we designed your cake this way.  It was Christianna's idea too.
 (Just realized that I never turned the cake around for you to see!)

Top 11 Reasons we love Victoria
(Thought it would be fun!)
  1. You care so much about how others feel and try your best to make everyone feel happy and loved.
  2. You are a HUGE helper when it comes to taking care of Christianna & Grant.
  3. You are really good at playing the violin.
  4. You are super SMART!
  5. You love to go to church and follow your Savior, Jesus Christ. (The best you can!)
  6. You are funny...especially when you dance.
  7. You love to read.
  8. You love to sing out loud in the car, house...or anywhere you are.
  9. You look so cute when you get embarrassed, mostly when we are talking about a boy you like.
  10. You are beautiful inside & out.
  11. We have you in our family FOREVER!
 We invited the McConkie & Lyman families over for some cake & ice cream.  Unfortunately, the McConkie's were sick and couldn't make it.  But the Lyman's came!!! YAY!

Trying to put words to your facial expression is just too much fun... haha!
 Uncle David & Aunt Heather with Christianna.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Ice Queen Ballet Recital

Another year , another wonderful recital!  The story & costumes were fantastic!
Christianna was in both performances this year as a Heather Bell.  We saw a huge improvement compared to last year...she didn't have to watch the teachers on the side & she smiled the whole time!
The Ice queen is a story that follows Anika as she travels to save her friends & sisters from the evil Ice Queen...which she does & she wins the heart of the only guy in the show.  Awwwww! It was a great story & I didn't mind seeing it twice!

 She had a lot of support this year.  Both Grandma & Grandpa were able to come, along with Uncle David & Aunt Heather, not to mention we all were there too.  Christianna's friend, Mackenzie came to with her family.  So sweet! They brought her a card & flowers.  She also got a small bouquet from Chris.

 Ok -so this looks funny.  But it was the second time they "posed" so I could get a picture & he was talking!  HaHa!

 Interesting that the only one NOT doing a ballet the ballerina!

 Grant LOVED her flower. As we were taking the family picture, he kept trying to grab it & eat it. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cucumbers & Ruby

Seriously...I do not know why Christianna loves to do this...but she has to every time I slice cucumbers.  This time she included Ruby in cucumber festivites!

She then eats them.
(Waste not, want not.)