Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Babe!!

 Happy Father's Day!!

It was a fun day celebrating dad's. We kept things low-key...Chris got in a little nap...we had one of his favorite meals: beef stroganoff.  Then we ate some of this yummyness!
 The first picture at the top is of the cute ties the girls made for him. They are Mr. Potato head ties that have exchangeable accessories, including shoes...about as many pairs as he actually has in his closet!  Haha!  I loved that he wore one to church today & plans on wearing the other one next week.  (Hopefully I can get a picture of it before he changes out of it then.)

I was so excited to give this gift because I just knew he would love it!

And he did. 

TastyKakes, I love you
Tasykakes, I do
I want to spend some serious time ea-ting you!

Do you think he is trying to be in a commercial for these?
Fake smile ALERT!!

We love you!  You are a terrifical Dad and we are very blessed to have you! XOXOXO

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